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Fascinated by all forms of arts, from traditionnal to contemporary and by cultural diversity, i live in my plastic work, a reflection on the time and on the relationship of the body with the landscape.

My work contains many experiments, synthesis between pictorial gesture and photography.
The results are installations in relationship with nature and possibly located in natural environnement, pretext for photographs and artist books.

Long made of papers, dyed textiles or printed screens, these installations are, since 2002, more done with digital printing on textiles (silk, abaca) thanks to new technologies that allow the photographs to find support flexible and tactile.

Believing that in human history, the most productive periods are those where cultural exchanges where numerous, varied and tolérant, i travel thoughts objects : traveller friends take towards East small artistic works, kind of messages, to put in relations with privilegied site or friends from far away.

I practice painting and photography, screen printing on all media, I plate gold on floted woods and stones to think at the sacred in nature, I have also practiced chinese calligraphy with Chen Dehong (painter and calligrapher), japanese calligraphy with Shingai Tanaka (president calligraphers Kyoto)during ten years.

I did published several little artist books.
Teacher in contemporain art, i did responsible for more than 20 years of workshops.
I realized photographs, scénographies and exhibitions for music groups, theater and contemporary dance compagnies.

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